Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Progress ver 1.1

A little update. Got my sysnopsis and treatment done a few weeks ago. I then decided to take a look at an old short story. What started as an attempt to revise it turned into a painless page-one-rewrite. And I like it. Got some minor tweaks to make, then I'll send it off to Asimov's, eventually working my way down the list of magazines that accepts short sci-fi.

Then it's vacation. Sort of.
I never seem to take all my vacation days, which is a bit of a headache for my employers. So as of tomorrow, I have a week and a half off from my "day job" and I'll be using that to get to work on my next feature length script. It's something I outlined in the summer, so the first couple of days will be dedicated to reviewing the outline, refining it, and taking a stab at a treatment. The goal is to have a comleted draft by the end of January, but I'm hoping to be done much sooner than that.

I'd cross my fingers, but that just makes typing a real pain.

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