Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yes Nonsense

Hey, hang on...
This writing is getting hard. No one told me it would be hard.
Screw this.

Yeah, that's really what I'd like to say. Anyone who has written anything has experienced that little diatribe. It's not only getting harder to pull the story together, but its getting harder to sit down and do it. It's not a fun game anymore. It's work.
And there is the first thing that separates the writers from the talk-about-being-writers. I always listened to the established writers, to find out just how they did it. Again and again, every one of them would say, 'write'. Boy, how true that is. There is no great trick to finishing a novel. All you need to do is write. Of course, that doesn't mean that the novel will be any good. That involves a whole other skill set.

So, I keep writing. I've slowed down, but I keep writing.
This is a nonsense post. i'm really doing this to get the muscles going and get to my real work. So, if you're reading this, sorry. There is no insight here. But really, is there ever?