Thursday, June 17, 2010

MLA with a mouth

So the current controversy is this MLA, Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett, saying Canadian content is shit.

Hey Lindsay, even if that were the case, (and it’s not) you learn by doing.  And you get better.  Statements like that don’t promote Canadian stories.  Statements like that could drive people away.  How is THAT gonna help?  How is shooting your mouth off and shrinking our audience going to help the industry?  Our storytellers need deserve the chance to grow in their craft to tell OUR stories.  I’m not just talking about the folks currently fortunate enough to be working in the industry.  I’m talking about everyone with something to say and/or express.  There are a lot of creative people you haven’t heard of who are working very hard at their craft RIGHT NOW.  It would be a shame if your comments, your lack of vision, your small mindedness, damaged an already struggling industry to the point where it becomes even more difficult for these people to find a channel, and outlet, to share OUR stories with the rest of the country. (and hopefully, the world)

Shame on you.

Yes, there’s Heartland. There’s also The Bridge.  No, I’m not gonna make a list.  I’m not insecure. 

I don’t feel the need to walk around with a tape measure.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progress ver 1.2

While the Yellowjester (Mark) is still taking a hammer and chisel to his novel, I had a slight setback on the sci-fi script.

And a great one at that.

I looked over my act 1 and felt it didn’t work. A quick review of my outline told me why and it was one of those head slapping moments. I kept thinking, “was I asleep when I wrote this?” It truly was one of those moments where you look back and realize you were asleep at the wheel. Did I just go through a red light? Did I already put sugar in my coffee?

So over the last week, I’ve re-outlined and have already started re-writing Act 1. It’s definitely more cohesive, more exciting, and more engaging than the dribble I printed on May 30th. And it’s strengthening Act 2.

So at the risk of sounding lame, I feel I should point out something Syd Field mentions a lot in his books. “What doesn’t work will shows us what does work.” And that’s why I am grateful for my little setback.


As per usual, I troll the internet looking for inspiration.  Denis McGrath has had some particularly inspiring posts here and here and here. Then there’s Lightspeed Magazine for those of you looking for a new market to submit your prose to.  I’ve also rediscovered Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s series of Podcasts.  So far my favourites are:

Star Trek
The Kingdom
The Prestige
The Dark Knight

Check ‘em out. 

If I had the contacts, and the stones, I’d try to get something like that going up here.  Maybe someone better qualified will one day.  We can only hope.  The more noise that gets made, the better chances the media will pay more attention to Canadian creatives.