Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Great Ferris Wheel Keeps Spinning...

So, I'm back. But I never really went anywhere, so I can't really say I'm back because I've always been here.
I'm here.
There, that's better. I've been in a funkarama for the last couple of weeks. My weekly goal is ten pages, and I probably wrote about seven over the course of two weeks. Stinkaroo.
But, it's okay, this kinda thing happens. My biggest problem is that I'm suffering from Lack-Of-Outline-ism. It's a horrible malady that strikes when you start writing and you don't stop until you've got a hundred pages. Then you look at it and say, 'Okay, but how does this all fit together?' Not fun.
But this week is going well. I'm on track to hit my target ten pages, and I'm working on an outline that should pull everything into focus. And that's all I have to say, on that.

First of all, let me say that the way I've been writing this novel of mine is to start a new section each week and title the file with the topic, and the date. So, I've ended up with about 30 files for the same story. Today, I finally put everything together into a master copy and I printed it. I was surprised, happily so, to come up one page short of one hundred. Which, with what I wrote today, has been surpassed. Am I happy to have broken that 100 page mark? Sure, why not. I can't really say that it feels amazing or fabulozo. It is what it is. Actually, what feels good is holding those hundred pages in my hands. That's kinda cool.

And on and on we go, why I blog, I don't really know.
And now that I've started, I can't really stop, because then I would look like the fool. Maybe, someday this will be read by more people then Dan... Hey, thanks for reading this Dan.

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Daniel said...

You're welcome, Smart-ass.