Monday, August 11, 2008

Why now?

Why now? Why start a blog - or, reboot a blog - now? It's been two years since I touched "Rantaro's Case Journal" and since I "parked" TWIP. So, why now?

I have no answer.

6 years of writing, but the last two (or has it been three?) have been mostly focused on screenwriting. Or rather, screen-re-writing. What a pain in the arse. There's been a desire, a need, to write in prose. I've been wanting to get back to some short stories and in my musings (or frustrations) the notion of maintaining a blog has come up. So why not? But I need a plan.

Over the next little while, I'll tinker with this "template." I'll also try to get some friends on here. We'll link to stories that interest us, probably film or literature related. Music too. Oh, and photography. Maybe some politics? Travel? HANG ON, you say. That's a bit much, you say. Well, it's TWIP. The Weekly Insanity Press. (monthly....KIDDING)

The only thing you can rely on here is unreliability and inconsistency. We'll make it work. I'll make it work. And now, I find myself in need of another coffee. So I'm going to get one, and maybe even pitch this to a friend. Hopefully he'll jump on board.

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